"Asymmetrical Jeans" Has Already Became The Most Talked About Jeans in 2019.

The year has scarcely begun however what appears as one of 2019's wackiest fashion trend has just arrived. Designer family duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, referred to on the whole as Ksenia Schnaider, have released a pair of the asymmetrical jeans that are either flattering or confusing, depending on the angle you’re looking from.

The asymmetrical jeans bear a thin cut on one leg and a flared bell bottom base on the other. As indicated by Insider, we ought to get ready to see this wonderful denim mess trending among celebrities and fashion Instagrammers this year.

Fashion trends simply appear to get more irregular and more unusual with time. Regardless of whether it's nail treatments that include exceptionally dreadful modest little hands and feet, or the unmistakably progressively happy doodads intended to be hung in facial hair, individuals will in general locate the weirdest things to dress themselves in.

What's more, designer duo Ksenia Schnaider are overhauling an American top choice — denim. Their endeavor to take the nineteenth century development into the 21st century? Asymmetrical jeans that appear to have the Web isolated. According to the caption included on the Instagram post, these creations are a part of  Ksenia Schnaider's pre-fall collection, and are already available for pre-orders.

Ksenia is an easily recognized name with the A-listers of Hollywood and has been worn by prevalent artist Dua Lips and model Bella Hadid.

As indicated by Vogue, Ksenia Marchenko based the design on two of her best-selling models, a wide-leg and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans.
“My partner, Anton Schnaider, said that it was too crazy and no one needs jeans like this, so I abandoned this idea for a couple of seasons,” she told the fashion outlet. “But a few months ago, I realized that at least one person needs such jeans – me!” “The jeans can surprise and make people smile,” Ksenia added.

Ksenia's website states: "The designer family duo, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, began their brand story in 2011. The masterminds behind the brand are constantly working hand in hand — creating fashion pieces combining reworked materials, perfect cut, Eastern European cultural quotes and spicing it up with some innovative digital concepts."
"Spending days on experimenting, and finally created the perfect trend —'demi-denims' taking the fashion world by storm since 2016, and becoming a hit amongst A-list celebrities. Ksenia Schnaider brand is available worldwide in more than 70 stores, such as on Shopbop, Selfridges and etc."
Opinions seem divided on Instagram. One user wrote: "Stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while."
Others were inspired, with one student writing: "I’m making a pair like this for my final collection at university!"

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