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Julia Michaels discharged the video for "What a Time," including Niall Horan. The video originates from her recently released EP Inner Monologue Part I, which also features a duet with Selena Gomez. Song was release On Thursday (Feb. 7).

In the music video, we discover Michaels and a Horan resemble the other alike sitting back-to-back in a living room dealing with heartache. She sings, “I feel a little nauseous and my hands are shaking/ I guess that means you're close by.”

The emotional journey demonstrates the pair embracing all through the video and expressing their feelings over what happened in the past.

Besides, this spring will discover Michaels setting out on her first headlining tour, The Inner Monologue Tour, and will disclose her next task, Inner Monologue Part II.

About “What a Time” 

“What a Time” is the sixth song on Michaels' first part of her first full length studio album, Inner Monologue.

The song was part of Michaels' setlist as the opener of Maroon 5’s 2018 Red Pill Blues Tour, although the song was only part of the setlist for a week. While it was initially performed as a solo song, it was later announced the song was a collaboration with former One Direction singer Niall Horan, whom Michaels opened for at his “Flicker World Tour” in its European leg, in early spring 2018.

What was recording with Horan like for Michaels?

As shared in an interview with Patrick Crowley for Billboard, Horan is as genuine in the studio as he is in life:

To be honest, he’s kind of the same. He walks in, and he’s just his goofy, silly self. I can’t think of a moment where him and I aren’t laughing and being completely ridiculous with each other. We always make fun of each other for a second, then he sings his heart out, and then he’s like, “Cool, I’ll see you later.” And all of a sudden there’s this magical vocal on this song, and he sounds like a sweet baby angel.

“What a Time” Track Information

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