Makonnen Pay Tribute Once Again To His Late Friend The Best Way He Knows How — With a Posthumous Collaboration. “I’ve Been Waiting,”

Now, Makonnen is paying tribute indeed to his late friend the most ideal way he knows how — with posthumous collaboration. "I've Been Waiting," the new track features one of the late rapper’s greatest influences on his music: pop-punk legends Fall Out Boy.

Richard Stilwell

At the point when the news of 21-year-old rapper Lil Peep's death reached the public back in November 2017, many artists who had worked with and admired the up-and-coming rap-emo-fusion artist expressed their dismay at the demise of such a young talent. “I’m never gonna be ok,” wrote friend and collaborator iLoveMakonnen. “I’ll always love u, we became best friends and made some of the best music I have ever been apart of.

The move prepared track follows the lovesick artists as they rap and sing about an addictive love affair that they just can’t get enough of. “Break my heart but don't tell me I'm not doin' fine/ 'Cause I'll do it fine/ Let me go, I'm spendin' time/ Not doin' fine but I'll do it fine,” Peep sings on the song.

“I’ve Been Waiting” is the first extracted single from the new album Diamonds by Lil Peep & iLoveMakonnen published 31 January 2019. The song features the pop punk/emo-pop band Fall Out Boy.

This song was shared by iLoveMakonnen in January 2017, it was originally for Drink More Water 7 after he met Peep, he let him hop on it and a lot of snippets surfaced on the web with the names “Make Me Die” and “Makonnen Pie.”

The 19th of May, 2017 XXL magazine did an interview with Lil Peep in which he says:

One of my favourite hip-hop artists is Makonnen. One of my favourite bands is Fall Out Boy. You put those two together and that’s Lil Peep [laughs].

This statement from Peep was posted and teased on all of his social media’s on the 29th of January.

It was officially announced on all Lil Peep’s social media on the 30th of January that the song would come out on the 31st at 1PM EST.

“I’ve Been Waiting” Track Info

What iLoveMakonnen said about the song

He said this in an interview with  Complex

That song started in 2017. Me and Lil Peep were working on our album, and it was an idea I previously had before I met Peep. As we worked on the album, we were playing each other ideas, and this was one of the song ideas that he gravitated towards. So we started working on it in LA. Then we went to London and had some sessions over there to work on the album. During that time in London, we were just bonding with each other, talking about doing collaborations, and artists that inspired us and stuff like that. And then we made it back to America, and he unfortunately passed away.

How did Fall Out Boy become part of the song

iLoveMakonnen said this in a interview to Complex

After his passing, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy reached out to me, extended his condolences, and said, “Is there anything I can do?” I was telling him, me and Peep were working on our album. And I told him Peep had said that [his style is like a combination of] me and Fall Out Boy. I was asking him if they wanted to check out any of the music, and see if they’d be a part of our project. I sent him the song, “I’ve Been Waiting,” and they were into it. So they added some elements to it and sent it back. We kept communicating, figuring out how we could make it into a full masterpiece the way it is now.

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