MARBL Releases Her New Single “The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things” Watch Video

MARBL Single: “The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things” Release date: Feb 22nd, 2019, Label: MARBL music, Distribution: Helicon

Israeli MARBL releases her new single “The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things” on 22nd of February.

The song is initiated by a perverted dream where fears and desires living under the same skin, come alive. MARBL opens the single with: “I’ve got a lion in my bag, And
I’m bleeding in my pocket, I gotta rearrange my debts, To think of what I need, To stick it in and lock it”.

The single represents how we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt, we pack the pieces with our thick skin, yet sometimes the walls get pierced and the restless spiders come out to play.

Video director Tomer Levi exposes in a disturbing yet comforting manner how we all share our weaknesses and wounds until the catharsis. „The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things“ is about accepting what we need to let go of and that nothing is here to stay. It’s the second single of the upcoming EP “The Flight of the Hawks” that will be released later during the year.

Watch Video Here:

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