Zedd Release New Song '365' Collab With Katy Perry

Katy Perry, Zedd release new song, ‘365, 365 was released on Thursday morning to coincide with Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). The collaborative single was written by the pair and produced by Zedd, 29.

Katy Perry becomes a robot beginning to develop feelings in the video for her Zedd collaboration “365.” Zedd previously opened for Perry on her Witness tour.

"365" is a catchy, moody groove that really hits its stride as Perry lets loose a staccato rhythm on the vocal hook. Its melodies are a little bit dark, like the storyline in the Warren Fu-directed video, which veers from a potential human-android love story to a tragic technological meltdown. It's the perfect song to drop on Valentine's Day, ready to soundtrack your healthy relationship or the dark obsession in your life.

The breezy, hypnotic love song finds Perry singing about wanting love to be on her mind all the time. It has an obsessive quality that translates to the Warren Fu-directed video, where Zedd portrays a human participating in a year-long study with Perry as his AI partner. They live in a house together and are observed by the scientists. It grows clear that Perry has developed feelings of real love for Zedd and when he pulls away — specifically, he chooses to sleep on the couch instead of in their bed — she nearly burns them and the house to the ground. She malfunctions when overhearing Zedd tell one of the scientists that he did not love Perry.

The announcement comes just hours after the two sparked rumors of a link-up with a mysterious emoji tag on Twitter. Back in November, Zedd shared a photo of the pop star's dog Nugget on his sound board.

"365" Track Information

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